TOTV's datacenter safe thanks to Securiton

TOTVS is a multinational software company headquartered in Brazil. TOTVS' largest software development unit is in Joinvile, state of Santa Catarina. lt currently has over 220 distribution channels and is present in 23 countries, besides Brazil.


lt was originally estabished in 1969 by Erneste Haberkorn under the name Siga Automatie lntegrated Systems Management to provide services in the general area of information and developed an automated business management system. ln 1983, with the advent of microcomputers, Microsiga Software S.A. was founded. ln March 2006 it held an IPO launch and boosted its growth through acquisitions and mergers with companies such as Datasul, RM Systems, Logocenter, Midbyte, etc.

Securiton has installed the following products throughout TOTVS's new headquarters which include data centre areas, UPS, generator rooms, substation battery rooms and parking:

• High-sensitivity SecuriRAS ASD 535 aspirating smoke detectors linked via SecuriLine loop to the SecuriFire alarm panel

• SecuriFire SCP 3020 fire alarm control panel

• MCD 353 Multi-criteria detectors

• MCP 545 manual call points

• SDl 82 single detector interfaces

• BX-FOL loop flash lights

• BX-SOL loop sirens

• REL 4 relay boards

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