Qinghai Longyang Gorge Hydropower Station protected by SecuriRAS ASD 535

The Longyangxia Dam and hydropower station lies on the Yellow River, 1,684 km downstream from its source. 3,376 km away from the Yellow River estuary, it is the first upstream large-cascade hydropower station. The maximum height of the Longyangxia Dam is 178 metres. The base of the dam is 80 metres wide and the dam crest is 15 metres wide, while the main dam is 396 metres long.


High secondary dams are established on both sides, resulting in a total dam length of 1,140 metres. The total installed capacity of the Longyang Gorge hydropower station is 1.28 million kilowatts, with an annual generating capacity of 2.36 billion kWh. The Longyang Gorge hydropower station not only generates electricity, but is also used for flood control, ice control, irrigation and cultivation.

27 SecuriRAS ASD 535 aspirating smoke detectors are used for protecting the equipment rooms, control rooms, cable tunnels and the main building at the Longyang Gorge hydropower station. They use the most efficient aspirating fan unit currently available on the market, which allows larger sites to be protected compared to previous systems.

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