New logistics center of Boero Paints, Tortona, counts on ADW 535

Boero Bartolomeo S.p.A. holds a leading position within the market of paint products in three strategic areas: Architecture & Decorative, Yachting and Marine. Boero operates three facilities: Genoa (headquarters and Research Centre), Rivalta Scrivia (production site) and Tortona (logistics hub). The Logistical Centre covers an indoor area of 14,000 m² and makes deliveries all over the world.


The logistics team is working 3 shifts, 24 hours a day, to meet every specific requirements of the customer, ensuring high standards in terms of efficiency and professionalism.
Securiton has protected the crucial areas of the Tortona logistics site with SecuriSens ADW 535 linear heat detection systems. The copper based sensor tubes are placed in the Ex Zone allowing the processor units to sense non-typical increase of heat within milliseconds. In fact, the ADW 535 is world's fastest responding rate-of-rise heat detector. In this Installation, they are used to trigger the water mist extinguishing system. ADW535 detectors are tested and approved with the innovative extinguishing system ETEA MIST LP® (water mist low pressure). The combination of the two technologies in the field of fire prevention and control has proven to be very successful.

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