Guangzhou Metro Line 7 Dazhou Depot safe thanks to SecuriRAS ASD 535

Guangzhou Metro is the urban rail system in Guangzhou, which is China's third-largest city and was the third city on the Chinese mainland to open and run a metro system. It has nine lines in operation serving 144 stations over a total network of 277.5 km. Line 7 of Guangzhou Metro runs from Guangzhou South Railway Station in Panyu District in the west to Higher Education Mega Center South Station located in Guangzhou University City in the east.


The line is approximately 18.6 km long and serves nine stations. Depots are used for parking, inspection, preparation, operation and repairs to the rolling stock. The main functions are as follows:

1. Shunting trains in the segment, parking, routine inspections, general troubleshooting and cleaning.

2. Technical inspections, monthly repairs, scheduled repairs, wheel replacement, testing following temporary repairs and other operations.

3. Moving trains back to the section to change the driver.

4. Maintenance of internal equipment, machinery and tools, plus routine maintenance work on the locomotive used for shunting.

5. Emergency rescue teams and equipment.

The Dazhou depot and operation centre are located at Shibi Village in Panyu District, which is around 2,000 metres southwest of Guangzhou South Railway Station. Construction of the project started in September 2013, with a planned capacity of 36 columns for parking and inspection and a further eight columns for long-term reserved parking and inspection. The total area of the depot is about 78,000 square metres, including the buildings, workshop, application garage, operation centre, vehicle washing system and sewage treatment room, plus the traction step-down mixed substation. The depot also includes other individual buildings used for parking, cleaning, routine inspection and regular and temporary maintenance, among other functions.
Early fire detection is ensured by the 58 SecuriRAS ASD 535-3 aspirating smoke detectors and graphic monitoring system installed on site. The detectors use the most efficient aspirating fan unit currently available on the market, which allows larger sites to be protected compared to previous systems. The matching ASD graphics monitoring software enables convenient and effective daily monitoring.

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