A park of 18 wind turbines protected by Securiton's aspirating smoke detectors

Nelja Energia owns and operates eleven wind farms in Estonia with a total capacity of 140.8MW. Two wind farms, Viru-Nigula and Aseriaru, are fire protected using SecuriRAS ASD 535 detectors. The 3MW turbines are produced by the Finnish Winwind Oy. The height of the mast is 90 metres, the rotor diameter is 100 metres. The weight of the wind turbines is 1026 tons.


Nelja Energia operates since 2005. It started as an operator company for the wind farms owned by Vardar Eurus, a company owned by Norwegian Vardar AS (90%) and the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (10%), and Freenergy, a company owned by Estonian investors and the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. Finally, Freenergy merged with Nelja Energia. The main shareholder of Nelja Energia is Vardar Eurus (77%). Estonian private investors own 23% of the shares.
The fire load of a nacelle is very high due to the fibreglass housing, foam insulation and lubrication oil storage. One turbine represents an investment of 3 to 4 Milion Euros. A replacement is always time consuming since delivery and installation of a replacement may take years, adding about EUR 1800 daily of downtime costs. It is therefore important to warn the operator at an early stage of a potential fire to reduce the risk of a total loss. Securiton has protected 18 turbine nacelles with SecuriRAS ASD 535 smoke aspirating Systems. These devices are capable of detecting smoke of very low density in order to warn the operator at an early stage of a potential risk. Both, early warning and fire alarm signals are processed by the nacelles control panel automatically activating the video surveillance for instant verification by the operator at the control centre.

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